XV Convención Científica Internacional UNICA 2022

The University of Ciego de Ávila Máximo Gómez Báez, a certified institution of Higher Education in Cuba, has the honor of inviting academics, researchers, businessmen and other specialists from around the world, who work to achieve and preserve sustainable development, to the "XV International Scientific Convention UNICA 2022" to be held from October 17 to 21, 2022 in the tourist destination "Jardines del Rey", in the province of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba; under the slogan “The 2030 agenda and the university for sustainable development”. The debates of the main problems and challenges of Higher Education at the present time at a global, regional and specifically for Cuba level, will allow outlining development strategies and joint collaboration, as well as will enable the exchange of experiences, knowledge and popular knowledge in the sector. academic and investigative, from the commitment of Science and Technological Innovation for sustainable development.


  • Automation and Computerization of the Company.

            M.Sc Duniesky Dorta Pina. E-Mail: dunieskydp86@gmail.com

  • Science of Physical Culture and Sport.

            M.Sc. Misladys López Chaviano. E-Mail: misladyslopezchaviano72@gmail.com

  • Pedagogical Sciences and Education.

            Dr.C. Manuel Soto Díaz, E-Mail:manolosd1953@gmail.com

  • Social Sciences and their responsibility with development.

            Dr.C. Kenia González González, E-Mail: keniagg1969@gmail.com

  • Sustainable Agricultural Development.

            Dr.C. Ioan Rodríguez Santana, E-Mail: ioanalberto72@gmail.com

  • Sustainable Tourism Management.

            Dr.C. Edianny Carballo Cruz, E-Mail: ediannycc@gmail.com

  • Innovation in Inclusive and Sustainable Development.

            Dr.C. Elme Carballo Ramos, E-Mail: elmecarballor@gmail.com

  • Agricultural Engineering and Precision Agriculture.

            Dr.C. Carlos M. Sánchez Monteserín. E-Mail: sanchezmonteserin@gmail.com

  • Economic and Business Sciences.

            Dr.C. Adelfa Dignora Alarcón Armenteros E-Mail: adealarcon46@gmail.com

  • Sustainable use of Soil, Water and Energy resources.

            Dr.C. Oscar Brown Manrique, E-Mail:oscarbrownmanrique@gmail.com


President: Dr.C. Yurisbel Gallardo Ballat. gallardo@unica.cuyurisbelgallardoballat@gmail.com

Vice Presidents: 

Dr.C. Andrés Israel Yera Quintana ayera66@unica.cu

M.Sc Yoelkis Hernández Víctor yoelkis@unica.cu

M.Sc. Osviel Rivero Álvarez. osviel@unica.cu

Scientific Secretary

Dr.C Huber Martínez Rodríguez huber@unica.cu

Dr.C. Hendrics Ramos Companioni hramoscompanioni@gmail.com,

Executive Secretary: M.Sc. Adolfo Toledo Villegas. toledo.villegas@unica.cu; toledo.villegas@gmail.com

Director of International Relations: Dr.C. Oruam Cadex Marichal Guevara oruamcmg@gmail.com

Network Coordinators: 

Dr.C. Arely Beatriz Azcuy Morales arelybeatriz88@gmail.com

Dr.C. Oruam Cadex Marichal Guevara oruamcmg@gmail.com

Dr.C. Lissete Arzola de la Rosa. lissete720329arzola@gmail.com

Address: University of Ciego de Ávila. CUBA. Highway to Morón km 9 ½,. Ciego de Avila. Cuba.

Tel: +53(33)266113, http://www.unica.cu